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Photography with Long Time Exposure - even During the Day

Quickly and easily calculate the exposure time for your photo session to get the most out of your ND-Filter.

Use the Timer - in Camera Bulb Mode

In Bulb mode it is difficult to determine the exact exposure time. You can use the handy timer for this.

Just Try the App and Learn from it

Are you a ND-Filter rookie or an experienced ND-Filter user? Anyway, anyone can easily use the app. Just try it!

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Top Features of your ND-Filter Expert App

Tipps und Tricks in der ND-Filter App

Live Calculation & Timer Function

The app offers you the easiest way to calculate the exposure time to get the most out of your ND-Filter. Use the handy timer to set the perfect exposure time.

Combine your Filters

Combine up to five filters on your camera and the app will calculate the required exposure time for you.

Your Favourites always at your Fingertips

Save your set values as a favourite so you can use them again and again. Sort all your favourites as you like (Pro Version) and use them as often as you want.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

In the category 'Tricks' you will find a lot of information about ND-Filter. What is the best way to use them? Where are ND-Filters used? And what accessories are useful for ND-Filter photography?

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Screenbeispiele ND-Filter Expert App Screenbeispiele ND-Filter Expert App

All Features at a Glance

The Lite version offers you all the important features you need to work with ND-Filters. But of course the Pro version offers a lot more. Compare in the table which functions are important to you.

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Calculating the Exposure Time


Combination of ND Filters


Timer Function


Saving Favourites


Tips & Tricks


Save combined Filters


Search in Favourites


Filtering and Sorting in Favourites


Table of all Available Filters


Advanced Settings

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Live Calculation in the Twinkling of an Eye

Enter the exposure time suggested by the camera for your desired subject and the value of the ND-Filter you want to use into the app. ND-Filter Expert immediately suggests the optimal exposure time so that you can take the best picture of the subject you want using ND-Filter.

Ein Vorteil der ND-Filter App ist die Live-Berechnung
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Stress-free Photography thanks to the Timer Function

In your camera's Bulb mode, you can expose for more than 30 seconds. But how do you know how long 2 minutes and 34 seconds really are? That's what the excellent timer function is for. Start the timer when you release the camera and you know exactly when your image is optimally exposed.


Fortunately, there are the Favourites

ND-Filter Expert lets you save your calculated exposure times as a favourite. Find your frequently used values quickly without having to re-enter them and use them immediately for the timer. In the Pro version, you'll also find other ways to organize favourites. Set up the app the way you want to use it best.

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Online Calculator

Specify the exposure time your camera suggests for your selected subject before you apply the filter. Then specify the ND-Filter you want to use. And voila, you've already calculated your new exposure time. Isn't that great?

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